Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crew Screening

The Last Belle had its first screening last week in front of an audience of crew members and friends, and a very happy evening it was. In keeping with the theme of 'old and new' that keeps recurring in all aspects of The Last Belle, the audience ranged from 3 to 81 years of age. Once the younger ones had been tucked up in bed, the older ones headed to Soho's 'The Dog and Duck' to help wet the film's head. Here are a few pictures from the night (photos by Simon Maddocks)

Upstairs at The Dog and Duck

Rod Howick (voice breakdown), Bella Bremner (sole assistant animator on The Last Belle)
and Roy Naisbitt (legend, and layout artist)

Mark Naisbitt (animator) and Rebecca Neville (producer)

Brian Stevens (one of the great names from British
animation and a great friend too)

Tanya Fenton (who patiently endured 4 or 5 years of being my assistant
animator at Richard Williams studio) and John Cousen (who ran
the Effects Department at the Williams studio)
Mark Naisbitt and Neil Boyle (director/animator)

Roy Naisbitt, Sam Spacey (tracer) and Angeline De Silva (painter)

The editing department: Chris Richmond (editor), Ivan Naisbitt (chief editor)
Mark Naisbitt, and Paul Naisbitt (editor)

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  1. I just came back from the screening at the London Film Festival. What a great film! Only someone who has lived in London for a long time could have imagined Wally's amazing commute to and from the bar!