Monday, 11 June 2012

Edinburgh Nomination

The Last Belle will be screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it has been nominated for the Award for Best Film in the Britsh Short Film Competition. The screening is on the 25th June and more information can be found HERE.

I will also be appearing at the festival as part of a panel event called 'Running Out of Film', where we will be discussing the impact of digital technologies on the animation process, and looking at contemporary and traditional techniques. Really looking forward to this... and nice to see they've used a still of Roy Naisbitt working on a piece of Last Belle background artwork - I haven't seen this pic before but I think it was taken by Fraser Maclean, author of the wonderful 'Setting The Scene' layout book. I believe Fraser will be on the panel in Edinburgh too, as well as the makers of the recent festival favourite 'The Making of Longbird'. More info on this event HERE.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Wish to hell i could be there!

    Congrats on the nomination -- and ten tons of good luck!

  2. Thank you, sir! It'll be nice to go back to Edinburgh, even though it's just a flying trip. I haven't been back there for four years... (You premiered your play Made On The Moon there didn't you..?) Should be fun!

  3. Hey Neil,
    This looks absolutely fabulous and I'm ashamed it's only just come to my attention - must do better, must do better. A brave step to go back to traditional paint and trace for it, but what better way for you to bring into play all your years of experience and toil close to Dick's inevitable influence. Yet I can see the Boyle voice shining through.
    Here's hoping it gets all the attention and plaudits it so obviously deserves. You know you always have my vote for the little that's worth.
    Here's to the next one too.
    Best of luck,
    Nick (old fart) Harris

  4. Hello Nick! Great to hear from you... and thanks for all your praise (the cheque's in the post). For anyone else reading this, Nick Harris is an amazing artist and illustrator who produced many of the beautiful background paintings for the opening Roger Rabbit cartoon, as well as lots of other contibutions to various commercials produced at the Richard Williams Studio, and other companies. We spent many months together working at Dick's studio on an Air Canada commercial which involved something like 1000 individual watercolour paintings that were shot (as beautifully as ever by John Leatherbarrow)to create a continuous flying sequence following a maple leaf as it floats around... real old-school hand crafted stuff! How the devil are you Nick? And talking of that commercial, do you know what became of Jo Snell, Zoe Evamy and Malcolm Harrison, who painted alongside you? I feel like I could write a whole book on the grafting that went into that commercial alone! Heady days! We must catch up -- pop over to and you can use CONTACT to pass on your current email to me... you can't escape me now...heh heh heh. Cheers, N.