Monday, 2 July 2012


I had a wonderful flying visit to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where The Last Belle screened in this rather lovely auditorium:

The Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh.

And in keeping with the 'Old Mixed With New' philosophy that permeates everything to do with The Last Belle, what could be better than having your film run in the visual splendour of an Edwardian cinema that has recently been kitted out with the latest digital projection and sound equipment? Pure heaven. Or at least it would have been had my rather busy work schedule allowed me to actually attend the screening of my own film... but at least I did get to enjoy some of the other films in the festival, and I took part in a panel discussion on the future of Film vs Digital, and traditional techniques vs cutting edge technology. I'll post more on this talk shortly as the subject seems part of the zeitgeist right now whether you are an independent animator or a large corporation.

In the meantime my thanks to Lucy Lamb (Events Coordinator for Scottish Animation Network) who looked after me so well at the festival, alongside Julia McLean (Chair of the Scottish Animation Network), and Iain Gardner who dreamt up the panel event and expertly moderated our on-stage discussion.

Iain Gardner, Marc David Jacobs, Julia McLean and Lucy Lamb. 

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