Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Happy 100th Birthday, Wolf!

Here's a strange piece of synchronicity: a few months back I bought a novel and on the cover was a lovely black and white photograph of a London street. Having spent so long drawing and painting London street scenes for The Last Belle I was immediately attracted to this beautiful image:

In small letters on the back cover the photo was attributed to Wolfgang (or 'Wolf') Suschitzky. When I read this I made the connection to Adam Suschitzky whom I had the chance to watch light a film set - meticulously - a few years back. It turns out Adam is the grandson of Wolfgang. And Wolfgang's son is Peter Suschitzky, who has shot a ton of movies for David Cronenberg, plus other movies like The Empire Strikes Back. A three-generation dynasty of Master Photographers/Cinematographers.

Here's the strange synchronicity bit though: this morning, for the first time ever, I finally got around to Googling some information on Wolf Suschitzky and found out that today, the 29th of August, is his 100th birthday, and he's still hale and hearty! Happy Birthday to you! An amazing maker of images, and specifically, luminous London street scenes from yesteryear...

All images copyright Wolfgang Suschitzky

For me these images bear the hallmark of true art: to see something so familiar (in this case the streets of my own city) but in a fresh way and through fresh eyes. It's like taking a holiday from your own brain. Wonderful. Happy 100th Birthday Wolf!

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