Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Great Spring Clean - part 2

The Great Spring Clean continues... I'm not only wading through artwork for the film but have now stumbled across sketches for the poster design too. It's amazing how you forget all this stuff until you lift a box lid and find it all sitting there, staring back up at you.

This was my first scribbled idea for a poster...

The idea was to base the poster around the
distorted checkerboard pattern used for the
'drunk in the Underground' sequence. I made
this mock-up at A3 size, but then decided it was
too fussy a design to work if it was reproduced
small on a web site...

In the process of simplifying, things got
maybe a bit too crude. Another rejection.
(Incidentally, my giant self-promoting name
on these mock-ups is not an example of my
ego slipping it's moorings but -like the web
address text- was used as a proxy for an
area of finer text in the final. That's my
excuse, and I'm sticking to it.) 

I got Roy Naisbitt in on the act too. Here's
one of Roy's rough sketches laying out the
journey that happens during the film.

Another version. But again we felt this would be too
fussy when reproduced small.

My 'Eureka!' moment, caught on the back of an envelope.

...Which led to this mock-up. I finally felt happy with
an image that hinted at the story, principle character,
feel, and location of the film. And which would read
when reproduced small.

The final image, with a lot of additional digital lighting effects,
text, and details added by my pal Kirk Hendry.
 If I'm honest I found designing the poster way more difficult than making the actual film...

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