Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Irvine Screening

Happy New Year to one and all! To kick off our year we are pleased to announce that The Last Belle will be screening at the Irvine International Film Festival, California, on Sunday 20th January.

There is a great and varied selection of films screening at the festival this year: short, long, live action, animation, documentary, drama... even a lifetime achievement award for Martin Landau... so something for everyone. To find out more click HERE.


  1. Damn! I wish I wasnt broke, I'd drive out from Vegas to watch that for sure. Who knows, perhaps ill have enough money when the time comes.

    Here's to your films certain success!

    1. Who knows...perhaps we will get the film shown in Vegas one of these days? Either that, or I wish you a lucky win in one of the casinos... Thanks for writing, Alex!

  2. There arent many festivals out here. The Dam short film festival is the only steady one Ive been to out here. Boulder City is only some 15 minutes from the outer skirts of Vegas. The event is February 6-8.


    If "The Last Belle" comes out to Vegas Ill be pretty damn happy about it but Ill try to be patient.