Thursday, 22 September 2011


You know when you go to leave your house in the morning and just as you're about to close the door you run back in to check the gas on the oven is switched off... then you go to leave again and think did I really check properly? so you run back in again... and so on? This is what producing end credits is like. You've checked and checked and checked but still there's that niggling feeling someone - someone really important - has been left off by mistake. Even though you know they haven't. Probably.

Kirk Hendry producing The Last Belle roller credits.
The final - we hope - titles and credits have been put together by Kirk Hendry, who's also been supervising a lot of other digital work in support of the film. Kirk's brilliant short film Junk is currently touring the festivals to much acclaim. You can check out the web site for Junk here.

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