Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Making the Grade

After almost exactly 15 years of on-and-off work on The Last Belle we have now completed the final piece of the film making puzzle: grading the image to get correct and consistent colours and light levels. As many of the sequences in the film have been shot years apart in time, and in different locations using different cameras, the grading process irons out these inconsistencies. It also allows you to control the colour and mood of a scene.

The grading has been done at Deluxe Soho by Paul Dean with the whole digital post production process overseen by the wonderfully helpful Martin Bullard and Toby Glover.

As I've been wandering in and out of this modern, cutting-edge facility I've been looking at the row of beautiful 18th century townhouses right opposite. It's an appropriate location to wrap up production on The Last Belle: a project begun with paper, pencil, paint and film, but finished in an entirely digital environment. Old and new, side by side.

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