Monday, 11 March 2013


Over the past few weeks - as you may have noticed - I've not had much chance to rummage through the Last Belle artwork boxes. This is because I've been up against a rather nasty deadline on a commercial project.

Is it me, or are production schedules getting shorter every job? Having achieved the next-to-impossible on one project you are required to achieve the almost-totally-impossible on the next.

In these situations it's great to have a core group of people around you - a little film family, if you will - on whose talents you can rely, totally. Producers, animators, assistants, compositors; a bunch of disparate characters who consistently help you get out of trouble when you need it most. Not unlike The A-Team (does that make me George Peppard?)

As usual, my big fat head is trying to soak up the limelight.
Let's remove it...

That's better! My clean-up crew on the latest job, ready to deliver the impossible:
(left to right) Aude Carpentier, Justine Waldie, Katerina Kremasioti,
Angeline de Silva and Alan Henry.

As we jump from job to job I am reminded of a circus rolling in to town: a little band of artists and technicians coming together to put on a show, before dismantling and disbanding, vanishing over the horizon in search of the next gig.

Who knows what, where or when the next gig will be, but in the meantime - job delivered - I'll be diving back into those Last Belle artwork boxes shortly.

More to come...

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