Sunday, 21 April 2013

Animator's App.

One of the most professionally rewarding - and happiest - two years I ever spent was working with legendary director/animator Richard Williams, and producer Mo Sutton, on 'The Animator's Survival Kit - Animated' DVD series, originally released in 2008.

Richard Williams and Neil Boyle, behind a small selection of the animated
scenes produced for 'The Animator's Survival Kit - Animated'.

When I started work on this project I had already worked with Dick Williams on commercials, and two feature films: Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Thief and the Cobbler; but more than any work I'd done before, these DVDs changed my approach to animation, and made me feel for the first time that I had a much stronger technical control over what I wanted to achieve in a scene. Animating actually became fun - a pleasurable challenge - rather than an endless, gut-twisting, sweat.

Building upon Dick's original book, we animated over 400 examples of the animator's craft, incuding timing and spacing, walks, runs, flexibility, overlapping action, weight, dialogue, and directing. Dick Williams and Mo Sutton have now taken 100 of these animated teaching examples and converted them for use as an App for the iPad. Also included in the App is a complete copy of the Expanded Edition of the Animator's Survival Kit book, and Dick's previously unreleased 9 minute animated film 'Circus Drawings'.

Sounds like a great package to me!

For more information on the App click HERE.

And here's a review on Animation Scoop.



  1. Wow! Cool to be a part of such an iconic project

    1. Like I say, it was an amazingly rewarding - and fun - project. It's not often a project like that comes along, and I feel honoured to have been part of it.

  2. Have Dick saw "The Last Belle"?

    1. Yes, I showed Dick the film. He knew I'd been working on it for so long!