Monday, 6 May 2013

25 Years! OMG!

This week I ought to have been hunting through more Last Belle artwork boxes. But instead I've been hunting through my kitchen cupboard.


To share this with you:

It's my Who Framed Roger Rabbit mug, dating from the year the movie was released, 1988. Both the mug and the movie are celebrating their 25th anniversary!

Half the colours on this mug have been worn away by time. Even Jessica's hair has gone white with age. But amazingly the mug is still whole and uncracked, after more than 9000 fillings of tea and coffee.

The film itself is - I'm sure - slightly less faded than my mug, having had a nice new digital overhaul onto Blu Ray to celebrate it's birthday.

I've mentioned before on this blog how working on Roger Rabbit was a huge turning point in my life. It was the first movie I ever worked on professionally, the project that introduced me to my mentor Richard Williams, the film that allowed me the chance to absorb how an A-list director like Robert Zemeckis works, and the event that cemented friendships that I treasure to this day. Working on Roger Rabbit was an experience that happened such a long, long time ago - something as ancient as my faded mug - whilst at the same time feeling as immediate as if it happened yesterday - as shiny and vibrant as the re-mastered Blu-Ray.

Time is a strange substance...


  1. TVM for sharing Neil. Perhaps there'll be a 25th anniversary screening this side of the pond? Or a cinema re-release?
    While we're waiting I'll have a nice cup of fennel from my original Snowman mug... Jxx

    1. An original Snowman mug! So that must be more than 30 years old! Somebody somewhere should create a museum to house all the 'crew goodies' that come with each production..! Neil X